Stockton Vet Hospital


Stuff Happens...

Accidents, fights, poisoning, injury, heat stroke, the list goes on and on - Emergencies happen - Don't Wait!

If you need help during our office hours, call us immediately at:

If your emergency is taking place outside of our office hours - DON'T WAIT! Call your local emergency vet or either of these hospitals.
(When is doubt - DO NOT trust Dr. Google, Yahoo Answers,  or your favorite Facebook Group - SEEK MEDICAL HELP IMMEDIATELY!!)

VSEC - 24 Hour Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center - Levittown PA - 215-750-7884

Crown Veterinary Specialists and Emergency - Lebanon NJ - 908-236-4120

Once your pet has been seen by an emergency veterinarian, please call the office you let us know the condition of your pet, and how we can assist in their care and follow up.