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One day at a time, One step at a time - We're getting there!

Blog number two is a progress report so you can see how we are doing.  Stockton Veterinary Hospital is really coming along, and according to the "Boss" we are on schedule.

We now have epoxy floors throughout the hospital (tile will go into the reception area).  We asked that the flooring company (great guys with Palma flooring) to put less shine on the floor so that dogs wouldn't slip.  There is more traction this way.  

Next we had to redesign the reception desk.  There was a small desk with a narrow walkway to the exam rooms.  This was not ideal for dogs coming in or out (cats are less of a concern as they are usually in carriers) and meeting unexpectedly in a narrow hallway.  Nick (our contractor) blew out a large wall of closets and there it was - more open space.  Nick and Angus also decided to elongate the reception and add an area for wheelchair use - a lower counter for easier wheelchair access.  Brilliant!  I definitely got a superior design team.  

Nick left priming the foyer, Angus right preparing to rip out the pre-exisiting reception desk.

Nick left priming the foyer, Angus right preparing to rip out the pre-exisiting reception desk.

The front office flooring was removed and hundreds of metal hooks were left in place.  All had to be removed by hand.  Rebecca and I tackled these.  Ugh.  Glad that is done.

Crowbar Queen, Rebecca.

Crowbar Queen, Rebecca.

My blog would not be complete without a mention of our foreman Cousteau and all of his hard work, including hanging out with my Frenchie Hugo, so here it is....

We have had electricians, Chad Minikus and his team, and Plumbers, Ernie Davis and his team, working hard to move all the resources to where they need to go, not to mention James from  Five Windows Farm and Landscape to get the outside looking beautiful.

So things are coming along pretty swiftly.  Apart from working on the premises we also have to make sure all the equipment arrives safely, on time and in one piece.  We have to set up accounts with suppliers, distributors, pharmacies and the list goes on.  The 16 hour days are well worth it.  I can't wait to show everyone the finished product, but more importantly start seeing my patients again and providing the care to which they are accustomed.  Stockton Veterinary Hospital is coming.  And we can't wait!

I will sign off, and we will keep working hard to get SVH up and running to the highest of standards. In the meantime, a thought for the day.....

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.” 
Anatole France.




Charlotte Read-Kydd